Frequently Asked Questions

What is AsteraGuru for students?

AsteraGuru is an online tutoring portal designed to assist students get their questions answered, assignments solved and fix their grades. Students are encouraged to seek solutions for their academic queries from our card of experienced online tutors to get high quality, detailed and in-time solutions.

How can i register?

On our home page either click on 'Sign up' or 'Sign in'. On clicking you will be taken to another page. Now simply fill out all the required fields.

Can you help in exam or quiz?

Though we cannot help you out when you are taking an exam, we can definitely help you prepare for it. Our expert tutors can give you 100% solved quizzes and assignments to help you be ready for your exam. Additionally, you can book a live session with our subject matter experts and get all your queries answered in real time.

How do I ensure that the solutions I receive are correct?

AsteraGuru only partners with verified online tutors who have in depth knowledge of subject areas. Our tutors double check the solutions prior to submission to ensure their correctness.

How much does AsteraGuru charge for answering a question?

Our charges vary on certain parameters. Depending on subjects, length of the assignment, complexity of question and deadline proximity, we decide the charges.

Can I submit multiple questions at once?

Absolutely, we encourage students to submit as many questions as they prefer to augment their learning. All questions can be posted at once for timely solutions.

How earliest can I get solution of uploaded questions?

We understand the importance of submitting answers as soon as possible. All our subject matter experts are very particular about timely submissions. Therefore, we guarantee submission of solutions before the deadline mentioned by you. In some cases, based on the availability of the tutors and the amount of work, we may even be able to turn around the solutions in a couple of hours. Invariably, we assure you that we will try to submit all solutions at the earliest.

How to contact customer care of AsteraGuru?

At AsteraGuru, we offer round the clock customer assistance. We will take action on your query at the earliest. You can reach out to us at or call/whatsapp us at +1 (737) 313-0025.

What all services AsteraGuru provide?

At AsteraGuru, we offer different services to suit all your online tutoring needs- Live Sessions- Interact with expert tutors of your choice in real time to get solutions for your queries Homework Help- Submit questions for expert tutors and get solutions for your assignments within a predetermined deadline Project/ Lab Work- Get assistance for your project/lab work

Does AsteraGuru offer free trial?

AsteraGuru doesn't offer any free trial as we value the time and the efforts subjects matter experts put into your assignments and questions to make them 100% unique. Our charges are affordable. We also offer exciting discounts and reward points to students to ensure they don't have to pay a high price.

Does AsteraGuru have fixed price for questions?

Prices for all our services are variable. They depend upon the nature of the service (Homework help, live session, or project work), the length of the queries, the complexity, and the proximity of the deadline.

Is it legal to take study help from AsteraGuru?

Academic help is a legal service, and no law forbids you to take professional help from experts. All our solutions are plagiarism-free. We only encourage students to achieve academic success through our solutions.

What is the payment structure for students at AsteraGuru?

AsteraGuru has a flexible payment structure where students can pay for solutions as and when they submit a query. The charges for each query generally depend upon the subject selected, the difficult level of the question and the urgency of the deadline.

Does AsteraGuru provide Free Service?

We don’t provide free services as we have highly educated and experienced subject matter experts. We pay for their time and effort. Therefore, we charge for the services, though the price we quote is affordable for students.

Are AsteraGuru solutions affordable?

At AsteraGuru, we make an effort to provide our clients with the best prices possible. All our services are affordable as we cater to students. You don’t have to spend a lot to get homework and assignment help. However, we cannot guarantee that we charge less than any other website. We can guarantee a value for money by providing you with 100% correct and plagiarism-free solutions before the deadline submitted by professional subject matter experts.

What if I need 2 different copies of same submitted questions?

At AsteraGuru, we strive to offer any online tutoring need you may have. In case you need 2 unique sets of solutions for a particular assignment, just upload the same assignment twice. Your questions will be assigned to 2 separate tutors and you will receive 2 plagiarism free, 100% correct solutions.

How long it will take to get solutions?

We strive hard to ensure that all your questions are answered before your final submission. Therefore, we encourage you to set the deadline and we will assure that you receive the solutions before that date. While we will try to send you the solutions in a couple of hours, the deadline you set will never be crossed.

Can I review and check previous work?

We believe in 100% client satisfaction and thus, we encourage them to review their work. We offer a period of 15 days where you can put in any query for your subject matter expert through the revision feature and review your work history. Additionally, all solutions you receive via AsteraGuru will be available on your dashboard for your reference.

Can I raise a query if my solution is not correct?

We strive hard to provide 100% accurate and unique solutions. All our subject matter experts come with rich domain expertise, and it is very unlikely that you will receive incorrect answers. However, if you believe that the solutions you receive are inaccurate, we encourage you to request a revision through our revision feature within 15 days. Post 15 days, please feel free to reach out to us at if there is any discrepancy in the solutions you receive. You can also raise your query through Whatsapp at +1 (737) 313-0025.

What to do if my question subjects is not listed in list?

We have tried to cover a non exhaustive list of subjects at our portal to enhance your convenience. However, if your subject is not mentioned in it, you can submit your query in the ‘Other’ option. Alternatively, you could write to us at as well as can message us on our official whatsapp number +1 (737) 313-0025 with your query along with the deadline and any other information.

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Can I cancel a confirmed session with my tutor?

Yes, you can. But we discourage canceling confirmed sessions as it is inconvenient for both the parties. However, we also understand that sometimes, urgent work might come up. In such cases, we request you to connect us directly. If you inform us before 24 hours of the session, no waiting payment will be charged. But if you cancel the session during the said time, you will charge according to the session duration and the complexity of the subject.

Do I get a refund if my tutor cancels an accepted session?

It is unlikely that a tutor will cancel a session, but if it happens, the student is refunded the payment for the canceled session.

Are the tutors qualified subject matter experts?

All our tutors are subject matter experts with rich domain expertise and professional experience. We adhere to high-quality standards to ensure that you receive study help from only qualified experts.

How do I find a tutor?

Finding a tutor at AsteraGuru is a child’s play. All you need to do is upload the assignment with due date, time and any other instructions. It will be circulated across all tutors registered on AsteraGuru with the subject matter knowledge for your assignment. the right tutor will accept it and send back 100% correct solutions before the deadline.

Is it compulsory to rate my tutor?

Rating your tutor is not necessary but we encourage and recommend all our clients to rate their respective tutors after the session. This will not only help other students get an idea and guide them on which tutors are the best, but will also help us understand your needs better. Rating your tutor is the easiest way to bring to our notice what went right and what went wrong in your session.

How do I rate my tutor?

After completing your solution, students can rate tutors on the parameters of Quality of solutions, accuracy, legibility, and speed. They can then give them a rating from 1 to 5 stars.

Can I get corrections if my solution is not correct?

We strive hard to ensure that all solutions provided at AsteraGuru are correct with conceptual clarity. However, we also acknowledge that there is a possibility of human error. Therefore, in an unlikely situation of submitting an incorrect solution, we will assign a new tutor to rectify the solution.

On what basis do I rate my tutor?

Tutors should solely be rated on the quality of solutions they provide. You can take into consideration the correctness of the solution, clarity in understanding, use of step- by- step methodology, adherence to reference material and promptness of the solution submission as some key aspects of tutor rating.

How you are better than other tutoring websites?

There are many factors that make AsteraGuru better than any other online tutoring website- We offer different solutions for different student needs. Our services include online assignment/ homework help, dedicated live sessions and project work assistance. We have a tailor made solution for all students. Our subject matter experts have global recognition and come with rich professional experience to help you fix your grades. We offer 100% correct solutions on time. All our solutions are plagiarism free and submitted in a step wise manner to help you understand them better. We provide on demand assistance, i.e. all our services are available 24/7. No matter what time of the day it is, if you have a question, we will supply you with the solution.

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I forgot my password. How do I reset it?

Go the Forgot password page by clicking the forgot password link on the login page. Enter your username or email address and we will send you an email to reset your password. Click on the link in the email to reset your password.

How do I change my account settings?

Go to the Profile Settings Page. You can update your Name, Email Address and change your password there.

How can I change my EMAIL, PASSWORD & USERNAME?

Log in to your account on and click on Profile. Select account settings and make the changes as needed.

How do I create my account?

On our home page either click on 'Sign up' or 'Sign in'. On clicking you will be taken to another page. Now simply fill out all the required fields

Can anybody see my identity?

No. We do not share the identity of our clients with any third party. Your identity is safe with us and shall not be leaked for any sales or marketing gimmick and will solely be used by only. Feel free to take a look at our privacy policy.

How do I delete my account?

In the profile settings page there is a delete account option. Simply enter your password and complete your request.